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Larry Nieland

Larry Nieland

Stuart, FL


For help with Photography questions and/or advice, please see my discussions and topics on as "Imagemeister" -------- I am 40+ years in photography/graphics, 50+ years in Florida............Much of my early childhood was spent on my grandfather's Illinois farm where hunting and fishing were a substantial part of existance. I became enamered with all animals, but especially birds and even took lessons in taxidermy. In 1959 we moved to Florida where my exposure to animals and birds was greatly expanded. Later, as I became a frustrated artist - I began photography in the base craftshops in Frankfurt Germany while stationed there with the Army in 1969 using a Pentax Spotmatic. Since then, I have been self taught in all forms of graphics and photography and used all sized camera systems including 8X10. After the Army, I had my own free lance photo business in Florida in the 70's as "Discerning Eye Photography". Since then I have had many photo/graphics related jobs. Recently, I became retired and began nature photography for my own satisfaction with birding at the top of my list. Over the years I have been an active member of several camera clubs and won several awards in competitions and taught basic photography for adult education. Some of my larger influences have been Ansel Adams, David Muench, Peter Lik, Clyde Butcher, Marty Stouffer, and the imagery of the Art Nouveau period. Living 50+ years here in Florida has given me a good historical perspective on Florida and the flora and fauna here. Being financially challenged, I do not travel much - so do not expect to see mountain, valley, or globe trotting images here - but you will see high quality, mostly Florida based landscapes, waterscapes, flora and fauna - especially birds. It is my hope that these detailed reality based images will be inspiring and instill a sense of virtual reality in bearing witness to Nature's Granduer. ENJOY ! .......and your support is appreciated.


Peacock Detail by Larry Nieland


Sandhills A family affair by Larry Nieland


Turkey Revelation by Larry Nieland


Osprey Special Delivery by Larry Nieland


Great Blue Herons - Nest Building by Larry Nieland


Female Sandhill with chick by Larry Nieland


Great Blue Heron with chick by Larry Nieland


Male Sandhill with 4 day old chick by Larry Nieland


Eagle Flight-Wing Power by Larry Nieland


Great Blue Heron fight by Larry Nieland


Boat Tail Grackle by Larry Nieland


Osprey flight by Larry Nieland


Bent Oak river reflection by Larry Nieland


Osprey Landing by Larry Nieland


Osprey - Catfish by Larry Nieland


Tri-color Dance by Larry Nieland


Tri Color Heron splash by Larry Nieland


Tri-Color Heron water ski by Larry Nieland


Kissimmee Cow Camp 4 by Larry Nieland


Jupiter Light - late day by Larry Nieland


Pink Orchid by Larry Nieland


Immature Tri Color heron by Larry Nieland


Purple horn by Larry Nieland


Delicate Hyacinth Bloom by Larry Nieland


Hybrid Hibiscus by Larry Nieland


Croton Leafscape by Larry Nieland


Blue Tango by Larry Nieland


Desert Rose after rain by Larry Nieland


Jupiter Lighthouse moon rising by Larry Nieland


Tropical splendor by Larry Nieland


Pink Frangiapani - Plumeria by Larry Nieland


Hot Pink and White Water Lillies by Larry Nieland


Flaming Spider lily by Larry Nieland


Tiger Cub chew by Larry Nieland


Hot Pink Waterlily by Larry Nieland